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Aidarbekov: We should demand compensation (reparation)

Breaking News | 1 мая 2021 | 794 | 0

Kyrgyzstan should demand compensation (reparation) for the damage caused by the border shooting. Former Foreign Minister Chyngyz Aidarbekov wrote about this on his Facebook page.
The full text is given below:
We mast demand Reparation!
Reparation is a form of material liability of a subject of international law for damage caused as a result of an international offense committed against another subject of international law.
What happened on April 29, 2021 is a military aggression against the peaceful, good-neighborly, friendly, allied Kyrgyz Republic and its fraternal people.
The Tajik side unilaterally used modern, heavy weapons (mortars, military helicopters) against the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, as a result of which houses were deliberately demolished even entire villages were burned, social facilities were destroyed, and there were numerous victims, including innocent children.
The Kyrgyz Republic has right to appeal to the international community and international organizations (UN, OSCE, CSTO) to help bring the aggressor to justice, to demand payment of reparation.
Moreover, one of the basic foundations of the SCO is the agreement on confidence-building measures in the border area. On the face of the lack of any confidence measures.
It is necessary to find out whether the military-technical assistance provided to protect the Tajik-Afghan border is really used for its intended purpose, and not for aggression?
1. It is important to collect all the facts and systematize them for a reasoned solution to the issue of reparations (restoration of destroyed homes of civilians, gas stations, cafes and other facilities, payment of compensation to affected families).
2. It is important to form a group of strong international lawyers to professionally defend this issue at the international level.
3. It is necessary to strengthen cultural and humanitarian ties between the fraternal peoples of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan. We are brothers from the end of time. The Kyrgyz Republic played a key role in the peaceful settlement of the internal Tajik conflict, preventing the demarcation of the neighboring territory and further escalation of the confrontation. In those years, the Kyrgyz Republic helped Tajik brothers, sheltering them by the thousands.
For good, you always have to pay with good, no one has canceled the universal principles.

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